Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I want to go to there.

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I have a lot of favorite fabric designers, but if you put a gun to my head, my #1 is Melody Miller.

Melody, via Generation Q Magazine

In fact, my most embarrassing "celebrity" encounter at last Quilt Market was with Melody.  Unbeknownst to me, she was sitting 2 seats away from me in a very packed presentation room.  I was totally oblivious, but my friend Alice spotted her, and loudly introduced me as her biggest fan.  Seats were shuffled and pictures were taken.
Me (losing my shit) with Melody,
via alidiza

It was awesome, but at the time I was so flustered I thought I was going to die.  I can't even remember what I said, but I know there was a lot of sweaty redness and stammering.   Melody couldn't have been nicer.  I think she felt bad for me, because she dived into her purse and thrust a couple of not-yet-released fat quarters into our hands.

It occurs to me that I love her fabric so much that while I own quite a bit, you would never know this from my finished work.  I've hardly cut into any of it!   It just feels like sacrilege.

there has never been a better fabric than this.
If my house ever burns down,  my 2 hoarded yards
are my first grab after immediate family members

This is a long way of saying that when the pictures of her booth popped up from this QM, I plotzed.

via the long thread

In a perfect world, this room would exist in my basement, connected to my sewing room.  I would have sew-ins with my guild friends here.  We would sit on that kick-ass couch, blab about blogs, and watch Ricky Timms videos while snarfing oatmeal cookies and pinot.

Melody would totally be invited.


  1. I saw that fabric and got excited. Finally someone who appreciates the wonder that is ViewMaster!

  2. Did you see yourself here?? You must've...but I was happy to stumble across it today: http://www.fatquarterly.com/modern-day-quilts.html
    Love that one.