Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LQF Recap

Our Lowell Quilt Festival show wrapped up over the weekend, and I still can't believe how well it went.

Leah and Jane admire Jen's amazing work

We had great turnout, the venue was spectacular and light-filled, and Alexis and Aimee orchestrated everything to a professional standard that exceeded all our expectations.  I think we blew everyone away, including ourselves!

new members?

We heard some hilarious things from the traditional quilters who dropped by as a courtesy, and walked away really impressed.

Emily and Alexis with friends and family
at the Friday night open house

I believe this turtle was Samantha's.
A big fan favorite!

Linda's insanely beautiful quilting was a personal favorite.
I have plans to steal many of these ideas!

Speaking of epic quilting, look at this!
One of the young male residents told me
Jen's quilt was his very favorite quilt in the show.

One lady seemed aghast that some of us had washed our quilts (mine included!  I love the texture - who knew it would be a "show issue"?)   Others were so adorable, literally snooping behind the racks just to see what the reverse looked like.

creeping around the back

Another "quilt veteran" was so astonished by what she saw, that she pulled Alexis and me aside and exclaimed to us that our show was "fucking amazing".   Definitely my favorite feedback of the show.

Alice in chains.  Get it?
Laurie's spectacular Dresden,
made with fabrics she brought back from Uganda
Alexis's elegant mini

Speaking of minis, I felt that category really demonstrated the wide range of aesthetics of our members.   Some of my other favorites:

The patrons liked that we didn't use draping on our displays- one lady told me it "contributed to the graphic quality" of the experience.

Amy's New York Beauty.   

One very friendly Australian quilter, a fan of Amy's blog, waylaid her vacation to come to our show.  She was thrilled to see Amy's work in person, and also loved Lia's beautiful take on a Sarah Fielke favorite, below.   She said (shhhh) she preferred Lia's to Sarah's!

Lia's eagles

The work, needless to say, speaks for itself.    These women inspire me with their insane, boundless talent.  I am so proud to be part of this guild!

I have many, many more photos and will post more later this week.  Congratulations, ladies of the BMQG!   Please see our blog, Facebook page, and Flickr pool for additional links and photos.


  1. Looks like it was a big success! Good for you guys! I thought about coming since I am now a less than 3 hrs away from Boston, but my MIL was in town and it just didn't work out! Love the pics though!

  2. Great recap! I agree, it was such a great success and I too am proud to be a part of such a talented group.

  3. Groan, you had to go there;-) A fabulous recap and fun to see people enjoying the show!

  4. I agree, what a great recap! I love the older woman's comment :)

  5. woohoO! nice work, rebecca & guild!!

  6. I have to admit I much preferred the BMQG's show over the display in the auditorium! Such bold colors, prints and shapes - ridiculously inspiring!! Congrats to the entire guild :-)

  7. The looks absolutely amazing -- it brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of everyone and I wish I could have been there!