Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the Road Again

Sorry for the radio silence.   I've been traveling a bit for work lately, which puts a crimp on the sewing time.

I suffer through this by taking handwork with me, and creating scenes such as this in Logan Airport:

Imagine many uncomprehending businessmen sitting around me with confused expressions.  "Why is she knitting here?", they wonder.     It's hard to look like a serious business woman while thimbled up and appliqueing a baby bear shirt at gate A8, but I feel I did OK.  (more on shirt later!)

Once I made it to Detroit, things got worse when I discovered the iron in my hotel closet:

Would you get a load of that beatiful cord?  Easily 15 feet long.   It was amazing!!!  I spent 5 minutes thinking of all the backing I could press with that marvelous device, and whether they'd even notice it was missing, when I  got sad for home and put it away.

Needless to say, after a week of this, I was happy to get home to my husband, children, and Janome.


  1. Noooooo...I was at Logan last week but not at A8. Must have been why I missed you!

  2. We missed you and very happy to read about this blog. I wish you a wonderful life and success always. Thanks for sharing this piece of writing to have a pleasing effect so far.