Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Epic Fons fail

I don't know how this happened, but I somehow managed to wear out my Fons & Porter free-motion gloves, in the production of 2 (yes, TWO!) medium quilts.   

I know, right?  Slack and shredded!

(Editors note:  Please ignore my mom-style lack of manicure and obvious man hands.  There is apparently no way to photograph my hands that doesn't result in them looking like scary monster meat hooks.)

So, I caved and bought my own extra-large pair of the much-lauded Machingers.   (Yes, I said XL.  See "man hands", above).  Long story short - they are amazing.  The fingers are coated all the way around with magical grabby something, and they're made of some kind of net that doesn't slack and doesn't give you sweaty pits (pardon) between your fingers.   Behold:

Best part:  they actually costed less than the Fons gloves!    


  1. Ha! You crack me up. For the record, you do *not* have man hands and your manicure is much better than mine. ;)

  2. oh man - I wore out my fons gloves too - but it took me at least a year. I am glad you found a better alternative!

  3. I have holes in my Fons gloves only because I have sewed them into the quilt at least 3 times! I like the new Michael Jackson look though!

  4. i know i'm late to the party but my husband bought me a pair of gloves at home depot a few weeks ago. i don't remember what the package said but the tag on them says pro series. they are black with gold stitching at the wrist and they only cost about $5.50. they work great. the ones i saw at joann's were $30....

    just wanted to put that out there!! :)