Friday, January 17, 2014

Shira's tree of life

I made this tree of life quilt for my eldest niece's bat mitzvah, way back in June.   I clearly was inspired by some recent Sarah Fielke book purchases I'd made,  but was glad to be able to use many of my favorite, treasured scraps.  

That may have been the last of my Joel Dewberry upholstery wood grain!

My friend Linda helped me out with some insane free motion, as I was working around the clock and wasn't going to be able to finish.  It looked especially amazing on the linen sections.

I am now fully addicted to flying geese.

Shira reports it is in full rotation on her bed! 

My blog resolution this year: more photos, less words.   These photos are awful, so less fuzzy shots will be goal #2.

What can I say?   I'm usually just so thrilled to be done that I can't be bothered with the hassle of setting up for artful shots!

My favorite Momo dots on the binding and half an Ikea queen duvet on the back.

I think this will make the posts more frequent?


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Looks like it was a lot of work! Well done! :)

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I love those colors together too - who do you use for quilting? :)

  3. Definitely one of my favorites of yours - so many different fabrics and a beautiful design.

  4. Gorgeous! My goal for blogging this year is more photos NO words :)

  5. Just beautiful! It's so great to hear that someone is using a quilt that you gave them, making all of the time and effort completely worth it.

  6. WOW! That is one beautiful quilt! Love all the design details as well as the free-motion quilting. My favorite!